Saturday, March 08, 2008

I voted!

Just came back from the polling station which turn out to be my primary school, a place where I have not been visiting for the past 20+ years. Didn't stay long to reflect the sweet memories as my main purpose is to cast my vote.

The process was fast as not many people were exercising their casting. I guess its still early then (11.00am....still early ah?) My mum woke me up to accompany her to vote at 9am. That's called EARLY. Anyway, my dad did accompany her and I did my voting later at 11am.

Who did I vote? Just wait for the results to be announced tonight.

Happy Voting!

And whatever the results will be, PEACE is what I wish to have.


Johnny Ong said...

glad that u participated in the voting.

Johnny Ong said...

u must be very busy till no time to blog

handmade jewelry said...

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