Saturday, April 29, 2006

PhD in Malaysia

The recently announced 9MP (9th Malaysian Plan) indicated that by 2010, 60% of academic staff in the public universities should have PhDs.

In another report, the Wan Zahid Higher Education Report, which was made public yesterday, suggested to achieve 100,000 PhDs in 15 years from now.

In line with these interesting reports, it is equally interesting to find a thorough writeup on a blog on how to increase the % of PhDs. Among other issues discussed was how the public universities can boost the number of PhDs academic staff.

  1. Send potential PhD candidates to countries where the cost of obtaining a PhD is much lower. (Instead of US, UK or Australia, alternatives such as China, India and Singapore should be considered).
  2. Streamline the application process such that potential candidates who have been 'confirmed' are forced to apply.
  3. 'Let go' of lecturers who obviously don't have the aptitude or desire to do and finish a PhD.
A lot of interesting comments was posted in the blog as per this discussion.

Monday, April 10, 2006

End of Jan semester.....Yahoo!

At last, it's the end of another teaching semester. Having a week break now before going for another grueling week of marking the exam scripts.

What I had achieved this semester?
1. My Friendster is growing now.
2. My ubai3013 blog is growing too.
3. Higher satisfaction in my teaching this semester.

Feel much relieve after the MSORSM conference was concluded last week. No more pressure and now is the time to catch up with my works and studies.

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