Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Victory March

Start the day afresh,
With strong resolve,
Continue the winning march,
For another glorious triumph!


Ever heard about Wikipedia? It is the most popular reference site on the Web for this year! It has become the number ONE reference site on the Web, double the traffic of

A search on the Wikipedia's definition resulted in almost similar writeup:

  • Wikipedia is a Web-based, multi-language, free-content encyclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers and sponsored by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. It has editions in about 180 languages (about 100 of which are active) and contains entries on traditional encyclopedic topics and on almanac, gazetteer, and current events topics. Its purpose is to create and distribute a free, reliable encyclopedia in as many languages as possible — indeed, the largest encyclopedia in history, in terms of both breadth and depth. According to Hitwise, an online measurement company, Wikipedia is the most popular reference site on the web. (Wikipedia)
  • The world's largest online encyclopedia available on the Web. Using Wiki software, Jimmy Wales started Wikipedia in 2001. By 2005, there were more than a half million entries on every conceivable subject, written by more than 16,000 contributors. Anyone can add or edit an entry. Wikipedia is widely praised for its incredible breadth, covering subjects that would never appear in any encyclopedia. There are so many "eyes" looking at an entry that erroneous information is often caught rather quickly. However, at times, Wikipedia is also disparaged because people can make edits without divulging any of their credentials or experience in the subject, as is often the case with information everywhere on the Web. ( (The Free Dictionary)
  • Wikipedia is a free, open content online encyclopedia created through the collaborative effort of a community of users known as Wikipedeans. The term comes from wiki, the server program that enables anyone to edit Web site content through their Web browser. The ongoing Wikipedia project began in January of 2001, the encyclopedia offered articles in English and many in a large number of other languages. The Wikipedia Web site encourages readers to contribute to the project's development, for example by submitting needed articles or editing existing content. In addition to the encyclopedia, the non-profit Wikipedia foundation oversees several other open-content projects: Wiktionary, a dictionary and thesaurus; Wikibooks, a collection of free texts and other books; Wikiquote, a collection of quotations; Wikisource, a collection of free source documents; and Meta-Wiki, which coordinates all the other projects. (

Practicality sunk in...
  1. How useful of this Wikipedia to me at work and in my research?
  2. Can the references used be quoted in writing, since the wikipedia content can be edited by practically everyone?
  3. Any filtering systems on the controversial issues or topics published?
  4. Should I encourage my students to use this reference in their works?

Solution... Need to start my personal Exploration on the Wikipedia!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Be Victorious!

Soaring high in the sky,
Energetically and vibrantly,
Advancing courageously,
Armed with the profound philosophy,
Creating glorious victories,
In every aspects of life.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Unauthorised credit card transaction in Malaysia!

Today's Star highlighted this on page 14.

I also receiving e-mails from my friends and students on this matter. Seems like they are quite interested in this case. Afterall, the e-commerce final exam paper that was held yesterday contain a question on e-commerce security...if this news come out a few days earlier...I'm sure more students will attempt this questions.

In fact,
one of my student already uploaded this news in her blog. You may visit her blog.

Text copied from the Star online:

Nabbed over unauthorised credit card transactions

PENANG: He was a university undergraduate who worked part-time at night at an apparel store at Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur.

While working at the store, the 20-year-old student managed to obtain his customers’ credit card particulars, which he allegedly used to make online purchases of RM100,000 worth of flat screen computer monitors and PDAs.

The youth, who was studying for an accountancy degree at a university in Kuala Lumpur, allegedly bought the monitors online from a multinational computer vendor based in Bayan Lepas here.

Several credit card-issuing banks lodged police reports with the Commercial Crime Department in Kuala Lumpur when their customers complained about unauthorised transactions.

On Aug 18, the student was arrested at his house in Bandar Sungai Long, Kajang, when he accepted a monitor from a courier company worker who delivered the package in an ambush set up by the police.

Police seized 19 monitors and three PDAs from his house.

Investigations showed that the student, who started work at the store in June, had sold most of the items to a middleman.

Let's this be a learning for everyone.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Exam marking fever!

Today, a total of 1270 students (the highest for this semester for a single paper) sat for the E-Commerce final examination. It is going to be a real fantastic period for everyone.

Students - At last, they can have a good more e-commerce anymore...unless they need to sit for the supplementary examination in few weeks time.

Lecturers and Tutors - Its the beginning of a nightmare, hahaha...a testing period of balancing wisdom and physical condition. I am very optimistic that all the teaching team members will be able to deliver the tasks on time!

Happy marking for everyone!

The Impact of Katrina on Internet Traffic

Got this info from Jeff Ooi's blog on the impact of the Katrina on the Internet traffic in US. The image uploaded is the real-time information of the Internet usage data hosted by Indiana University.

We can notice that the southern part of America especially on areas hit by Katrina namely New Orleans, in between Houston and Atlanta had a zero in the amount of data transmission.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Received a SMS birthday wish from a friend this morning:

"Wish You More YOUTHFUL!"

What a wonderful wish! Simple yet profoundly phrased!

As the physical is aging every seconds,
It is crucial to rejuvenate and
be more YOUTHFUL each moment.
The heart, mind, spirit and energy
must constantly remain youthful.
Life is beautiful!
Life is full with missions!
Arm with a strong resolve
Continue to challenge vigourously
Winning the fights each day,
Creating waves of victories each moment
Be the true victor in life!

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