Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hi, this is my photo.

This photo was taken on one of the day during the week just post-CNY 2006 holidays. Wearing yellow to prove my colleague's theory. Read the blog entry a few rung below.

I got the shirt from the Taiwan Soka Gakkai Youth Cultural Festival in May 2000.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

2 weeks after CNY.....getting busy again

  • CNY 2006 already a history.
  • Half of the January semester already completed.
  • Assignments are pouring in for marking.
  • Students thesis groups are constantly looking for their supervisors since the submission is coming soon

This are some stories related to the post CNY.

Since Monday this week, the university is embarking on a security campaign where all the students and staff need to wear their ID the moment they step into the campus. This is to prevent unauthorised people from entering the premises. I believe this exercise should be put into action very long time ago.

How to encourage everyone to war the ID card? I'm wearing it because I have inserted the magnetic access card for staff room in the ID card holder together with my ID card - I need to use the acess card to enter into my office.

Some of my suggestions: (These ideas are already being practiced in some of the organisation as well as the educational institutions)
1. Incorporate the smart chip into the ID card
  • to be used for entering the each lecture and tutorial rooms as an attendance marking tools (attendance report will be generated upon request by lecturers and tutors or being viewed online)
  • library books loan can also be implemented
  • e-cash systems for printing, cafeteria and as well as library fines
  • Information kiosk can be provided around the campus for students to check all the relevant information by using the ID card on information such as examination results, time-table, attendance record and etc
Do you have anymore ideas? Or may be you can share with me whether you prefer to wear ID card or not.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Red or Yellow for CNY?

Fancy wearing Red colour shirt during CNY? Some believe it will bring luck especially during the "investment games" session. I wore it twice and seems like my investments did not perform, it even went below the par and can't get it to break-even.

A colleague of mine suggested a striking yellow may change the Bear into the Bull in the "investment games". Fancy to give it a try?

No matter what, be careful as not to get the much publisized limelights such as getting bald for playing mahjong. I just wonder how long is the uncles' hair that the police need to 'potong pendek-pendek' their hair? Some even look more good looking with the bald head.

Come this Sunday - its Red (Liverpool) or Blue (Chelsea).

Happy weekend!


1st time since I started working, I took an additional day off before CNY holidays for a short family vacation. Every year, the normal routine will be spring cleaning, rest, watching TV, reunion dinner and preparing for CNY.

This year, the rhythm changed a bit where all these took the back seat as my family went for a short vacation near the seaside. Managed to beat the heavy traffic on Friday noon as well as Sunday noon where the opposite direction of the highway was a long line slow moving cars...imagine being stucked in the jam for hours on the 1st day of the CNY under the immense heat of the sun. Furthermore, my car's aircon was giving me some problems throughout the journey. Quite lucky then, I guess.

I decided not to bring along my laptop as it is a good time to rest and destress, although I had just downloaded a HK drama-series "Life Made Simple" (New Ah Wong) into my hard disk, which I really wish to finish watching it as soon as possible during the CNY holiday (which I did managed in the end). I ended up almost becoming like "Ah Wong" chasing after my two ever-energetic little nephews. Food, sleep, enjoying the sound of the waves and driving - main activities of the vacation.

I recalled that I have a former colleague who used to travel to have a few days stay in a hotel near the seaside whenever he want to write some chapters of his book. Not a bad idea. I may want to give it a try some time in the future.

Back to KL and my CNY begin....half a day later compared to the previous years.

Happy Birthday to everyone as today is the 7th Day of the CNY - Everyone's Birthday!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Back to school & CNY.

Work resumed on Thursday (2/2/06) with morning class at 8am. Still being fresh from the Liverpool-Birmingham City match, a smooth drive from home to office kicked start the day.

The office is very quiet throughout the day - both yesterday and today. Car park is empty. Nearby shops are not fully opened. I guess everyone is still enjoying their CNY celebration.

All these will be transformed by Monday when majority of the students are back from their holiday, minus those who extended theirs, especially from Sabah & Sarawak. Then, assignments deadline are approaching. Another round of madness, hahaha.

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