Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy 1st Anniversary and Happy Birthday too

Today is the 1st anniversary of this personal blog which I started last year.
Today is also my birthday. Received numerous sms wishes plus phone calls too. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and wishes.

As the physical is aging every seconds,
It is crucial to rejuvenate and
be more YOUTHFUL each moment.
The heart, mind, spirit and energy
must constantly remain youthful.
Life is beautiful!
Life is full with missions!
Arm with a strong resolve
Continue to challenge vigourously
Winning the fights each day,
Creating waves of victories each moment
Be the true victor in life!
It was the 1st entry of this blog, a poem created last year.

How about this year?

Dynamic and advancing youth,
Step forward convincingly,
Writing new histories each moment in life,
While remaining youthful mentally and physically,
Joyously be the messenger of peace,
Creating a glorious life each day!

Have a nice day for everyone.

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