Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blood Donation - 5th time

Yesterday I donated 450ml of blood at my campus - one of the blood donation campaign run by the students. It has become an on-going event with 3 rounds in a year. Since moving to Sg Long campus, I started to donate my blood - well you will think that you are doing a noble cause.

Yesterday donation was the 5th time so far. I also have a few colleagues conating for the 1st time this round namely Aik, Ruth and Yew (after many years). Of course a lot of the lecturers supported this blood donation campaign.

After 'selling' our blood, we managed to get a lot of goodies in return, hehehe. The goodies seems like getting more and more each round, which may motivate the donors to look forward for the next round.

Looking at the tireless efforts by most of the students, its really encouraging. I have one particular student, Heng Yeh Shiuan (Year 2 Sem 2 - BA), who performed her duty, yet at the same time didn't skip her classes (actually my class, I do not know about other class. At the same time, I also do not know her mid-term result yet, haha). At least setting a good example for others who may use these kind of events as an excuses to skip classes sometimes.

Looking forward for next round next year!

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