Friday, August 24, 2007

Being busy lately

It has been quite some time I did not update this personal blog. Most of my time are spent on the other blog - My E-commerce.

Its already the end of week 13 of the May semester. Tomorrow will attend the Convocation Ceremony of my students. I have lost count of how many times I have attended convocations since my last personal's convo in year 2000.

Next week will be a great week to challenge - Merdeka Day performance is at its peak. Watch out for Gymrama's performance on the 31st August night, live from Stadium Merdeka. That's what I'm been busy for the past 2 months. Of course, I'm am not the one who is performing on the field. I'm part of the working committee team. There is a blog on the whole project - Project 50 SGM, where photographs of the practices were posted. Its a really good blog to describe the project in a pictorial format as well as in editorial formats, from beginning to its latest updates.

Happy Convocation!
Happy Merdeka 50!

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