Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1st week of a new semester

Here come the new semester! Eager to meet up with my students again!

Just came back from a longer weekend as compare to last year. Why? Because starting from this year onwards, my university is implementing a 5-days work system instead of 5 1/2 days for the past 5 years. A longer weekend mean more time can be spent with family and friends.

The campus' lifts are back to the normal jam-packed during the peak hours in between classes. One's must choose the right timing to use the lifts in order to avoid being packed inside it or waiting for a longer time to enter the lift at the lowerground or ground floors.

Watched Luton and Liverpool's FA cup match on Sunday. Another draw for Liverpool which seems the team is lacking of some confidence at the moment after a series of draws and defeat. The team started off very well but seems like losing some steams nowadays. Hope to see a revitalised performance by the team soon.


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Hi Kai Wah, as am searching for SGM i have brought to your blog. I am Agasi. Still remember? have long been not active. I see some of the old friends during Chinese New Year Meeting at IPA every year. Everytime feel very touched. I am doing some part time study too while working.. Oh how good i know you a a lecturer. hope to meet u one day

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