Monday, October 09, 2006

New University Ranking 2006

The THES World Ranking 2006 for Universities was out:

Our Malaysian universities ranking:
1. UKM - ranked 185 (previous year 289 - improved 104)
2. UM - ranked 192 (previously 169 - dropped 23)
3. USM - ranked 277 (previously 326)
4. UPM - ranked 292 (previously 394)

A fast glance on this stat show our Malaysian universities are improving on their ranking except UM which is continuing its decline and also losing its premier title to UKM. Significantly UKM jumped 104 places and both USM & UPM jumped to top 300. What's wrong with UM?

Hopefully, more and more local universities can ranked higher in this world ranking.


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How about UTAR?? haha

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